10 ad agencies that are driving $11 billion in presidential campaign spending as Donald Trump and Joe Biden race toward the finish line

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With just over two weeks to go, total spend in the 2020 US presidential race could reach $11 billion, nearly double 2016’s $6.5 billion.

Mike Bloomberg alone spent $1 billion on his short-lived campaign, and MDC Partners-owned Assembly handled more than $500 million in ad buys over less than four months.

After President Trump ran up his budget early in 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden and his supporters are looking to spend up to $360 million, or more than double Trump’s estimated budget before election day.

This spending blitz has led to a huge windfall for companies that specialize in political messaging and ad-buying. They include the stalwart political agency GMMB as well as Black-owned agency Truxton Creative and other key firms buying ads on behalf of both clients that remain somewhat mysterious.

These are the top five Biden agencies followed by the top five of Trump, ranked by official or estimated spend. Monetary totals come from the most recent Federal Election Commission filings and the Center for Responsive Politics’ OpenSource spending database.

Spokespeople for the Trump and Biden campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.

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Media Buying & Analytics

Total spend: $145.5 million

What they do: Joe Biden’s top agency is the sister company of another firm.

Media Buying & Analytics accounts for by far the biggest expense attributed to former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign on the marketing front, overseeing nearly $150 million in spending on TV, print, radio, and outdoor ads to date.

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The agency did not exist before this election cycle, barely exists on paper, and does not have any listed employees or contact information beyond a street address in an Atlanta-area strip mall.

But CEO Bobby Kahn of Canal Media Partners, a well-connected ad-buying agency, confirmed to Business Insider that Media Buying & Analytics is owned by Canal’s partners, meaning they are essentially one and the same.

Agencies create such siloed organizations to avoid any apparent conflicts between official campaigns and Super PACs or other groups.

Canal handled some ad-buying work for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and placed millions in additional ad buys for other progressive candidates this cycle, such as Colorado senate candidate John Hickenlooper and former presidential hopeful John Delaney.

Infogroup/Data Axle

Total spend: $39.5 million

What they do: A data marketing company connects the Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

Infogroup, which was rebranded as Data Axle in September, is a marketing company selling databases with information on millions of voters. It works with major brands like Marriott and Verizon as well as politicians, who use its lists for fundraising, voter registration, and ad campaigns.

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign made its final payment to Infogroup on the same day in April 2019 that Biden’s campaign began working with the company, according to FEC filings, implying that the latter organization used the former’s data for targeting purposes.

Since then, the Biden campaign has spent nearly $40 million with the company for services including …read more

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