America’s COVID response grows more nonsensical, even as the pandemic gets worse

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Thanksgiving is an unalloyed joy of my life, and I’m not particularly given to public displays of effervescence.  

Unlike religious holidays, this one requires the least formality. It’s all just goofing off, catching up, and pretending to care about the Detroit Lions game. It’s a low pressure, high-carb event that briefly makes the awful-weather months bearable. 

But as we have with so many other staples of “normal” life this year, my family and I are willfully opting out of an extended family Thanksgiving. We’re taking one for the team, again, so that family members in high-risk age and health demographics aren’t put at unnecessary risk. 

We’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s a very modest sacrifice in the interests of social responsibility, especially with words like “out of control spread” being used to describe the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. 

Despite doing our part, I can’t help but feel discouraged that my family’s sacrifice is in vain. A winter hellscape awaits, even with encouraging vaccine news, because America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been an endless loop of stupidity.

“Nightmare Spring” gives way to “Horror Winter”

It’s been over eight months since COVID crushed life as we knew it. 

Seared into my memories of last March through July are the refrigerated tractor trailers filled with bodies, the constant wail of sirens, and mandatory shutdowns of everyday life.  

And then there was that time I got a mass text from the City of New York telling me (and everyone) to not call 911 or go to the emergency room unless a life was in immediate danger. Whenever my kids rough-housed on our couch, which they needed to maintain sanity, I now watched with dread at the prospect of a broken finger and the lack of available medical attention. 

  Pope Francis slams anti-lockdown protesters and praises healthcare workers in New York Times op-ed

During this nightmare existence last spring, confined to an apartment in the epicenter of the pandemic with three kids aged toddler to tween, all I hoped for was a near-future where my kids were in school and not climbing the walls while I desperately tried to earn a living. 

My utopian vision included fantasies of Americans generally agreeing that the coronavirus is real, and we should all be disciplined enough to not recklessly spread it. I also spun imaginary tales of lawmakers making consistent, science-based policies, and then proving to the public that they too would live under the same draconian restrictions. 

Like my once-held hope for hoverboards, my idealism for the future under COVID is gone.

Instead of an effective, science-based approach, America’s COVID response has devolved into a politically-driven, toxically narcissistic, tribalistic mess. And it’s only getting worse as we’re heading into what could be the most brutal stretch of infections and hospitalizations to date.

The rot at the top 

No assessment of American disharmony is complete without a full accounting  of the political class’ myriad failures. 

It’s not just that President Trump helped convince millions of Americans that wearing a mask was an affront to liberty, and a good number of …read more

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