Aurora joins Denver in repealing pit bull ban

Aurora lawmakers voted Monday to end a 15-year ban on pit bulls by lifting the city’s restricted breed ordinance.

The 7-3 Aurora City Council vote repeal will allow Aurora residents to own pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers within city limits.

Aurora voters rejected a ballot measure in 2014, which would have repealed the city’s restricted breed ordinance. Nearly 64% of votes were in favor of keeping the law.

Mayor Mike Coffman proposed introducing a ballot measure on lifting the ban that would have gone to a vote in November 2021. Instead, council members chose to vote instead.

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In November, voters in Denver decisively lifted the city’s 30-year ban on pit bulls. Castle Rock’s elected leaders did the same two years prior, ending a 26-year prohibition on pit bulls in the Douglas County town.

Commerce City is also working to scrap breed-specific legislation, with a final vote on the matter set for this month.

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Source:: The Denver Post – Politics


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