‘Fox & Friends’ insists people were cheering for Trump at the UFC fight where he was booed

trump ufc fight booing

President Donald Trump was greeted with boos at a UFC fight he attended in New York Saturday night.
The hosts of “Fox & Friends” tried to spin it positively, focusing on the smattering of cheers coming from the crowd.
Trump was flanked by his two adult sons and members of House Republican leadership.
It was the second time in a week he was booed by thousands of people in public.
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“Fox & Friends” had a creative way of spinning Trump’s “big reception” at an Ultimate Fighting Championship match on Saturday night.

As Trump entered the stadium at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the crowd greeted him with a mixture of cheers and boos. Some videos, depending on where they were taken from, show that the boos were overwhelming.

But the Fox News hosts focused on the cheers, not the boos. Host Pete Hegseth said the crowd was showing its appreciation for “the brawler style of a brawler president.”

And Ed Henry, another host on the show, said the real Trump fight was with Nancy Pelosi over impeachment. He said Trump was just trying to have fun.

“There are some media outlets that are saying they mostly heard boos. This has become so juvenile,” he said. “If you actually listen to the audio and the video, there clearly were a ton of cheers. And who cares? The president was clearly trying to have a fun night.”

Fox & Friends insists that Trump was cheered at UFC and that people saying otherwise are being juvenile pic.twitter.com/JH3epHhsAo

— John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) November 3, 2019

Trump attended the match with his two adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr., along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Republican Reps. Peter King and Mark Meadow. They watched fighters Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal battle for the BMF, or “Baddest Motherf—er Belt.” (Masvidal won.)

Here are some of the videos of Trump being greeted at the match, so you can judge for yourself.

The crowd at MSG as Trump takes his seat for the UFC fights pic.twitter.com/9ACcWCispp

— Jonathan Lemire (@JonLemire) November 3, 2019

Trump has entered the building lol #UFC244 #UFC #TRUMP pic.twitter.com/DhQqiU8Z18

— Joe Mastoloni (@JJMast1) November 3, 2019

That sound you hear is @realDonaldTrump getting booed at #UFC244 pic.twitter.com/oklkQzGMpk

— Mitch Horowitz (@MitchHorowitz) November 3, 2019

This is the second time in a week Trump has been booed in public by thousands of people at once. On October 27, he was greeted with chants of “Lock him up!” at Game 5 of the baseball World Series in Washington, DC. (The Nationals won.)

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