Is Donald Trump literally selling off women’s human rights for personal profit?

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The slow drip-drip of revelations about exactly how deep Donald Trump was in with the Russians comes out on top of a veritable sea of corruption stories flooding out of the White House. But one scandal that’s getting less attention might end up having more dramatic impacts in the long run. It could end up drastically undermining women’s rights to get abortions, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and even to protect themselves from cancer. New evidence suggests that Trump is, in effect, selling off women’s rights to religious fundamentalists, and personally profiting from doing so.

This week, Christian right media was buzzing with excitement at the news that President Trump had agreed to be the keynote speaker at the Susan B. Anthony List’s annual Campaign for Life gala. What wasn’t covered, however, was the fact that the anti-choice organization snagged Trump after funneling money into his private business. As Sharon Kann and Julie Tulbert of Media Matters reported this week, the group had been promoting official room blocks at the Trump International Hotel in Washington — at $399 a night — for attendees of the gala. The organization also promoted Trump’s property by having a contest whose winners got to stay at the hotel.

After Trump announced he would speak at the gala, the website for SBA List took down the advertisements for the hotel. But researchers at Media Matters got a screenshot.

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