Letter: Are Hanson and Thiessen columns actually parodies to make GOP look bad?

Hanson, Thiessen parodies
to make GOP look bad?

Re: “Columnists as dangerous as right-wing extremists” (Letter to the editor, May 9) and “Barr is not alone in corrupting the debate about Trump” (Letter to the editor, May 9):

Kudos to letter-writers Rob Charleston and Merlin Dorfman regarding right-wing shills Victor Davis Hanson and Marc Thiessen. But there’s another perspective on them.

By giving voice to such transparently dishonest partisans, the East Bay Times lets the right expose itself. These columns are almost parodies.

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Long ago I suspected that “Mallard Fillmore” comic strip was actually written by a Democrat to make Republicans look foolish. Could these conservative columnists be hosted with the same tactics?

John Sleeman
Menlo Park

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