Letter: Right to bear arms defined in context of a regulated militia

Right to bear arms defined
in the context of a militia

In his letter titled “Is free speech a right only if petitioning government?” (Letter to the editor, Mercurynews.com, Jan. 9), the letter-writer argues that if a well-regulated militia limits the ownership of arms, it could equally be argued that the right to free speech is limited to petitioning government.

This argument is specious because while the right to bear arms is defined in the context of a well-regulated militia, the right to free speech is not defined in the context of petitioning government.

The letter-writer further states: “Stay in your lane and out of constitutional law.”

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Sorry, the Constitution is the lawful democratic purview of every U.S. citizen. Nobody has the right to tell citizens to stay out. And we won’t.

Rajiv Bhateja
Los Altos Hills

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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