Letter: Santa Clara sheriff limiting concealed weapons permits

Santa Clara sheriff limiting
concealed weapons permits

Re: “Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office hit with corruption probe over concealed weapons permits” (Mercurynews.com, Aug. 7) and “East Bay man threatened to kill Jews and had an illegal assault weapon, police say, but he qualified for bail” (Mercurynews.com, Aug. 9):

At a time when mass shootings motivated by hatred are increasing at epidemic proportions, it is disgraceful that the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office might be limiting the issue of critically important concealed weapons permits (CWP) to only a few well-connected campaign contributors.

The fact that an apparent neo-Nazi in the East Bay was able to easily bail out of jail one day after being arrested for threatening to kill a race of people, while in possession of an illegal assault rifle, points to the need to allow qualified private citizens to receive a CWP in order to protect themselves, their families and their places of worship.

The District Attorney’s investigation should shed light on the sheriff’s corrupt CWP program and then order the department to issue meaningful and transparent guidelines for receiving a CWP.

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Every law-abiding citizen who can demonstrate a need for a CWP should receive it, irrespective of their political contributions.

Robert Chaykin
Monte Sereno

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