Letter: Seniors at facilities stuck in maddening ambiguity

Most people enjoy a nice irony. Let me share one that is not so nice. COVID-19 testing is available, at no cost, for all who want it, just a few hundred yards from the assisted living facility where I live with many other senior souls.

But neither the governor nor our county authorities have mandated testing for our staff, so we live, still after all of these weeks, with the maddening ambiguity of not knowing if one or more of the nice people who serve us are asymptomatic and carrying the virus.

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Earlier, when testing capacity was limited, our lack of testing was understandable. Now it is simply an outrage that reveals no respect whatsoever for the elders who are obliged to live in these facilities.

Dr. David Elliott
Chair of the Resident Council
Westmont Living
Morgan Hill

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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