Letter: Stop letting the NRA create ‘heroes’ out of dead students and staff

Students’, teachers’ lives
top unlimited gun rights

Re: “Threats to schools in Bay Area are a daily occurrence” (Eastbaytimes.com, April 20):

For the third time this week, the high school my partner works at has been threatened with a shooting.

I am also a high school teacher. This is our lives now: wondering when — not if — we will have to take a bullet for our students. Our lives and the lives of our students are worth more than someone’s right to own whatever firearms they want.

We are worth more than the NRA. We didn’t sign up for a battlefield. We signed up for a classroom.

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Stop letting the NRA create “heroes” out of dead students and staff. Ban all assault-style weapons. Now. You have time. We might not.

Jennie Drummond

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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