Letter: Support of Persky recall ignores Turner’s ‘life sentence’

Support of Persky recall
ignores ‘life sentence’

Two long columns in the newspaper so the editorial board could weasel its way into a mealy-mouthed “Persky recall demands voters make a statement on sexual assault” (May 10).

What courage to recommend the judiciary should rework the recall law; meanwhile, poor Judge Aaron Persky gets had, but it’s all for a good cause because the courts need to get tough on rape. So you voters out there, be sure to vote for recall so our prosecutors will get tough. As the editorial states: “It may not be fair to Judge Persky, who is a decent man and an able judge.”

Too bad Michelle Dauber and her avenging angels don’t think so. Dauber and The Mercury News ignore that Brock Turner managed to convict himself for life: registered sex offender. The list of jobs he’ll never hold is endless: Can’t teach in a school or work in a day-care center. Military unlikely to take him. Lead a scout troop? What company wants the publicity of hiring him?

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You should be ashamed of yourselves. I am very disappointed in you. You have jeopardized your integrity.

Allan J. MacLaren
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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