Letter: Voting for the recall demands the justice system provide real justice

Recall demands justice
system grant real justice

It is not enough that Judge Persky followed the law in the Brock Turner case, as those opposed to his recall often remind us.

He is an elected judge. We have every right to demand that our elected judges not only follow the law but do so fairly. We must hold our elected officials to higher standards than the low baseline of staying within the parameters of what is legal.

The people of Santa Clara County deserve judges who take violence against women and children seriously. By voting to recall Judge Persky, we are demanding that our justice system provide actual justice, and that elite offenders such as Brock Turner face consequences proportionate to the seriousness of their crimes.

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I absolutely plan to vote yes to Recall Judge Persky on June 5th, and I encourage my neighbors to join me.

Adolpha Cole
San Jose

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