Letter: Vulnerable children key in California’s vaccination debate

Vulnerable children key
in the vaccination debate

Re: “Walters: Newsom comment links California vaccination, abortion debate” (Opinion section, Eastbaytimes.com, June 5):

As a father of four, Gov. Gavin Newsom should know that if he doesn’t stop fraudulent vaccinations, then we don’t have bureaucrats making decisions about anyone’s families — we end up with wingnuts making decisions about everyone’s families.

I’ll take the bureaucrats.

We are on the precipice of a health crisis that pleases a fringe minority of white, privileged hippies and evangelists (strange bedfellows indeed!), and injures the great majority, including the elderly; people who are immuno-compromised (such as people living with HIV, undergoing chemo or with transplanted organs); and — worst of all — children with a legitimate need for vaccine exemption.

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As a father of four, Newsom should be thinking of those vulnerable children, not the fake illnesses feared by the anti-vaccination movement.

Amy Keyishian

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