Letter: Why is John Muir Health closing 3 of its urgent care centers?

John Muir Health closes
3 of 7 urgent care centers

I got an email from John Muir Health announcing they are closing three of their seven East Bay urgent care centers, with the rationale “This change lets us move clinicians and staff to our four largest Urgent Care locations.” Why would they close nearly half of their urgent care centers when we’re told we’ll be needing more care facilities, not fewer!

Putting more clinicians and staff in the remaining four centers will increase crowding with less distance between individuals, adding to the risk of contagion. Instead, they could dedicate a subset of the seven centers for respiratory illnesses only, and use the remaining ones for other urgent care needs.

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If future reports bemoan overburdened urgent care facilities in the John Muir Health system, remember this seemingly misguided decision to close some of them.

Marilyn Langlois

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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