Letter: Will Justin Amash inspire others this way?

May Amash inspire others
to re-commit to their oath

Re: “This is why I’m leaving the GOP” (Page NW22, July 7):

Finally, a member of the GOP has decided to be true to his oath to serve our Constitution and the people of the United States above any loyalty to the Republican Party.

When someone takes that oath at any level of government, their loyalty belongs to all of the people, not the corporations, their political party or the top 1%.

When someone is elected to serve our government, they are no longer Republican, Democrat or independent. Their first duty and loyalty is to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and serve the best interests of all the people in America. There are no borders in the United States, only lines on a map.

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May Rep. Amash’s brave and courageous example inspire others to re-commit to their oath and walk away from a party only interested in dividing our country.

Bravo, Rep. Amash. Bravo!

Sheri O’Sullivan
San Jose

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