Photos show increased security measures at the US Capitol in the days following the deadly insurrection by Trump supporters


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Supporters of President Donald Trump on January 6 stormed past Capitol Police and into the US Capitol while lawmakers met inside and debated the certification of the Electoral College vote.

The mob stormed the building not long after listening to a speech delivered by Trump outside the White House where he repeated his baseless and unsubstantiated claims that widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election led to his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. 

The attack on the building has left at least five people dead, including one Capitol Police officer who died of injuries sustained in the attack. Another officer who worked during the siege died days later in an apparent suicide, though it’s unclear if his death is related to the events on Wednesday.

After the rioters were cleared from Capitol grounds later Wednesday, lawmakers returned and eventually certified the Electoral College votes, once again affirming Biden’s win in the November presidential election. 

Amid accusations of a failed response by law enforcement Wednesday, security has been enhanced on and around Capitol grounds in Washington to prevent a similar event on or before Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Biden has said he plans to continue the tradition of being inaugurated on the steps of the US Capitol, according to The Washington Post.

From the construction of a seven-foot fence to the deployment of thousands of members of the National Guard, photos show how DC has increased security at the Capitol in the days that followed the violent insurrection.

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The insurrection occurred January 6 after President Donald Trump spoke to his supporters at a DC “Stop the Steal” rally. At the rally, he parroted his baseless claims of election fraud.

Source: Business Insider

At least five people died, including one Capitol Police officer, due to injuries and medical emergencies related to the violent insurrection. Another officer who responded to the siege died in an apparent suicide days later.

Source: Business Insider and Business Insider

The mob quickly overpowered Capitol Police on Wednesday, raising concerns about whether law enforcement is ready to protect lawmakers who were meeting to certify the election results.

Source: The New York Times

The increased security comes amid fears that pro-Trump demonstrators will attempt to mob the US Capitol again before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20.

Source: Business Insider

Biden is still planning to be sworn in as president outside the building. US Secret Service is responsible for security on Inauguration Day.

Source: The Washington Post

Members of the DC National Guard were called to assist in securing the Capitol grounds following the attack.

Steven Sund, the departing Capitol Police chief, said he requested backup six times before and during the siege, but was kept waiting by the Senate and House sergeants at arms.

Source: Business Insider

Workers are seen here assembling a barrier that now surrounds the Capitol. A similar fence was erected outside the …read more

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