The Spot: These leaders of the “resistance” media are coming to Denver

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) speaks ...

If you’re like me, you associate days of the week with political podcasts. Monday is FiveThirtyEight’s “Politics,” Wednesday is “The Argument,” Thursday is Slate’s “Political Gabfest” and so on.

Podcasts — much like newsletters — have become an important part of how we talk about democracy in America.

One of the most popular podcasts out there is “Pod Save America.” Created and hosted by former aides to President Barack Obama, the twice-weekly podcast has become a defining voice of the so-called resistance to President Donald Trump. Since launching in 2017, the show has been downloaded more than 530 million times.

Now, the podcast is coming to Denver for a live show on July 17 at the Bellco Theatre. I spoke with one of the show’s host, Jon Lovett, this week. Here’s our conversation edited for length.

What can folks who attend expect at one of your live shows?

Pod Save America is a no-bullshit conversation about politics. We break down what’s happening. Not just what Trump is doing every day, but stories that sometimes don’t get enough attention.

At the live shows, we have that same conversation. But It’s always more fun to do it in front of a big group of people who are part of a big community together.

We launched this show for two reasons. One, we felt as though we were in a real political emergency where everyone had to do their part. Two, there is a lot of incredible journalism covering politics today, investigations, interviews. There’s plenty of great political coverage. But there’s a lack of a conversation about politics that isn’t just about what’s wrong, but what everyone can do to be part of fixing it.

You’re going to have a conversation with Gov. Jared Polis. What do you plan on talking about?

We want to talk with him about what he’s doing in Colorado, and what role Colorado will play in national politics. Both in the presidential and in a Senate race, what people in Colorado can do to get involved and be part of the fight. There are also lessons to be learned about how Colorado has been changing.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is going to be testifying the same day you are taping. What are you expecting to hear from his testimony? Do you think it will change anything?

I expect Mueller to remove his mask and just start screaming for impeachment. I expect him to have an incredibly high-pitched voice. … I HAVE NO IDEA! … Joking aside … I want to know more from Mueller about some of the disagreement between how (Attorney General William) Barr characterized his work and how Mueller characterized his work. Robert Mueller has seemed to make clear that the reason he didn’t recommend charges is because of the Justice Department guidelines. Barr implied or said the opposite. I’m interested in what Robert Mueller has to say as to whether or not what he put down in that report is an impeachment referral.

What should Coloradans be thinking as we approach the 2020 election?

How Democrats …read more

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