The Top 10 women Joe Biden might pick as Vice President


Analysis by Chris Cillizza | CNN Editor-at-large

Former Vice President Joe Biden made the quadrennial guessing game of who he might pick to be his own vice president much easier when, during a CNN debate earlier this month, he pledged that he would be choosing a woman as his second-in-command.

Which narrows our cast of characters significantly!

Of his process, Biden said this on “The View” on Tuesday:

“Well, we are gonna start vetting soon, and there are — there is a short list, meaning somewhere between — there’s about 12 to 15 women who I think would be qualified to be president tomorrow.

“But I think we’re gonna narrow the list down to about 11.”

So, who will he pick? That’s where I come in! Below, I’ve ranked the 10 people who are the most likely to be the selection come this summer. This is obviously an early list — and names will come on and off the list, as well as move up and down it. So, if you don’t see your favorite here, don’t fret! I’ll be releasing new rankings every week or two — as news dictates.

(Note: Biden isn’t the nominee officially yet. But his lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is significant enough that he is already turning to consideration of his VP. Don’t believe me? Read this.)

Here we go!

10. Michelle Lujan Grisham: Lujan Grisham was elected governor in 2018 after spending six years in the House representing New Mexico. She’s one of the least well-known politicians on this list, but the female, Latina governor of a southwestern state has a long history of working in government, having worked on health and aging issues in New Mexico prior to coming to Washington.

9. Keisha Lance Bottoms: The mayor of Atlanta was with Biden from (almost) the start. (She endorsed him in June 2019.) And stuck with him through some very, very rocky times in the fight for the nomination, emerging as one of his most active and effective surrogates. At 50, she is also a nice generational break from the 77-year old Biden.

8. Tammy Baldwin: Don’t know Baldwin? She’s the first openly gay person elected (and re-elected) to the Senate and happens to represent perhaps the swingiest of Midwestern swing states: Wisconsin. Biden and his team have to look at the 55% with which Baldwin won a second term in 2018 and be impressed/intrigued.

7. Stacey Abrams: Abrams, who came within a whisker of becoming the first black female governor in the country in 2018, is a name that often comes up as a finalist for Biden’s VP. It makes sense: She is a high-profile African American woman who showed that a winning coalition (or pretty darn close) in a longtime Republican stronghold in the south. I’m slightly more skeptical. Remember that Abrams blanched at the idea of being Biden’s VP when it was floated earlier in the …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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