The wildest and weirdest facts about the White House, from hauntings to hot tubs

White House

The White House has been home to exotic pets, weddings, deaths, and legends galore.
After it has hosted presidents and their families for more than two centuries, here are the most interesting facts about America’s most famous address.

Each day, scores of visitors are guided through the White House’s halls to see some of the most famous artifacts in the country’s history first-hand.

Though the White House’s many rooms and ornate decorations tell countless compelling stories, there are some lesser-known facets behind America’s most famous address.

See the deaths, additions, and legends inside the Executive Mansion:

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Construction began in 1792 by a work crew comprised of slaves and immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and other European countries.

Source: The White House Historical Association

It is widely believed that Irish architect James Hoban won a newspaper contest to design the White House based on a design inspired by Leinster House, which houses the Irish Parliament in Dublin.

Source: Thrillist

George Washington, the first president, never actually lived in the White House. John Adams was the first president to move in on November 1, 1800, shortly before he lost re-election to Thomas Jefferson.

Source: The White House Historical Association

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