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In the aftermath of January 6, when a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and traumatized their city, Washingtonians noticed something weird. “Stop the Steal” attendees were allegedly joining dating apps while they were in town, thinking they’d get laid in a city where 93% of voters chose Joe Biden in the 2020 election. 

Horrified, some residents captured screenshots and sent them not to the FBI or Capitol Police, but to an anonymously run account called Overheard District. The lively Instagram has a mysterious owner who crowdsources snippets of strangers’ conversations, cringeworthy dating app profiles, protest logistics, anti-racism resources, and tips for making the most of life in the nation’s capital. 

Some of the account’s 62,000 followers apparently took it upon themselves to try and “catfish” the insurrectionists— pose as someone else on dating apps to lure rioters, so they could be reported to authorities. Overheard District fans created fake dating profiles pledging their allegiance to MAGA, but added hashtags like #ohd as a wink to fellow community members. Their hunting expedition made national headlines. 

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Through it all, the Instagram account was gleefully sharing the action in the app’s Stories feature — while also reminding followers to please report those people to the FBI, which could actually cuff them.

While Overheard District isn’t sure this effort got anyone arrested, on April 22, Feds nabbed one rioter in New York who bragged to a match on Bumble that he’d stormed the Capitol, reminding DC residents of their earlier detective work.

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Last week, Insider conducted the first-ever interview with Overheard District’s mysterious account manager, who declined to reveal their identity. The manager said they preferred to remain anonymous because they wanted to amplify the voices of district residents rather than their own. Insider was able to verify that the person they spoke with had direct access to the account.

“I’ve connected with a lot of incredible people and businesses through the platform and would love to connect in real life one day, but for now, I’m staying under the radar,” the manager told Insider. 

A very DC diversion

Overheard District is sort of like DC’s version of the pandemic breakout hit DeuxMoi, an anonymously run celebrity gossip account where users submit stories about fleeting …read more

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