Trump’s campaign nearly went broke for the 2020 home stretch amid Brad Parscale’s $200 million budgeting misfire, Republicans tell Insider

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Before his demotion this summer as President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale had planned for a stunning amount of money to arrive during the 2020 home stretch that would cover equally shocking spending but that would have left the re-election effort dead broke by the start of October, three Republicans close to the president’s campaign told Insider. 

Parscale had been banking on campaign donations to miraculously double in October by about $200 million more than other recent months, said one Republican close to the president. The Republican said Trump’s new campaign team, led by Bill Stepien, had to rush to cancel the spending approved by Parscale to salvage the president’s bid for a second term. 

Trump and his chief adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner, ultimately demoted Parscale in July and launched an internal investigation of spending under him which turned up big ticket items like a personal driver for Parscale, extensive Air Force One travel for campaign staff and more. 

But money has been tight since then, leaving no less than the president himself to attempt to beat back stories that his campaign is on the rocks and float, again, that he would open up his own checkbook to keep it running. 

“I keep reading Fake News stories that my campaign is running low on money. Not true, & if it were so, I would put up money myself,” Trump tweeted early Tuesday morning. “The fact is that we have much more money than we had 4 years ago, where we spent much less money than Crooked Hillary, and still easily won, 306-223!”

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Stepien and other top Trump campaign staff first noticed the potential cash shortfall after they got access to the financial documents Parscale had been keeping. Parscale didn’t maintain a campaign budget, but he did lay out big estimates of how much money he thought the president’s reelection effort would raise. 

Since Parscale’s demotion, the Trump campaign has scrambled to save money with the clock ticking fast on the 2020 race.

“There’s been a tightening of the belt,” one Trump adviser told Insider. “They recognized pretty quickly there wasn’t going to be enough dough.” 

Trump campaign was flush with cash, until it wasn’t

Trump advisers say they still believe the president can win a second term even while they also acknowledge his chances are dwindling with just three weeks to go before Election Day.

The president’s standing in national polls and critical battleground state surveys dropped significantly after his rambunctious debate performance on September 29 and following his early-morning announcement on Twitter that he had contracted the coronavirus. 

The combination of a cash crunch and Trump’s own failings as a candidate has left the campaign to pick which states it targets and which ones to write off, said a second Republican close to the Trump campaign. For example, Buzzfeed News reported earlier this month that Trump was forced to pull campaign ads in the critical battleground states of Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.

But other Republicans have noted that the advertising situation is not as …read more

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