U.S. House District 7 candidate Q&A

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Ed Perlmutter

Democratic Party

University of Colorado Boulder (BA, JD)
My wife Nancy and our blended family of six children and three grandchildren.
Attorney, State Senator (1995-2003), U.S. Representative (2007-present)


Why are you seeking public office?
I’m running to continue working on behalf of the hardworking folks of Adams and Jefferson Counties to fight this pandemic and ensure every person has the chance to succeed. This includes supporting affordable and accessible health care, public education, access to good jobs and the skills needed to get those jobs, and protecting our beautiful outdoors. I work hard to stay accessible to the people of the 7th district and find common ground to help our communities.

What will your top three priorities be if elected?
My top three priorities are providing hardworking folks relief during the pandemic and getting folks back to work in order to help our communities recover, take on climate change and pass into law the SAFE Banking Act.

Should the Affordable Care Act be replaced? If so, what would you replace it with?
No. As the father of a daughter with epilepsy, voting for the Affordable Care Act was one of my proudest moments in Congress. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped millions of Americans and thousands of Coloradans gain access to quality healthcare coverage. Most importantly, the ACA ensures individuals with pre-existing conditions can no longer be discriminated against. I will work with anyone to improve the ACA but we must not and cannot go backwards to a time when people can be discriminated against for a pre-existing condition.

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Do you support a ban on fracking? Why or why not?
We must protect our environment to preserve our way of life. Together we can combat the real impacts of climate change transitioning to a 100% clean economy by 2050. America needs a balanced plan including responsible energy production to reach this goal. I’m proud to represent Golden, home of the National Renewable Energy Lab, the world’s premier lab on the forefront of energy efficiency and developing clean and renewable energy technologies. Colorado leads the nation with common-sense oil and gas regulations putting health and safety first, developing renewable energy technology, and creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the green economy.

What, if anything, should the federal government do to improve the economy?
The federal government must lead in our economic recovery from the pandemic building a strong and secure middle class with no one left behind. This means significant investments in rebuilding our infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, expanding access to skills training and apprenticeships, increasing the ability of workers to collectively bargain, paid family leave, pay equity, overtime protections and much more. We need to renew our promise to our seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare for generations to come.

Do you support further federal restrictions on firearms? If so, which restrictions?
I have been working on gun violence prevention for many years. I will continue to push for commonsense gun violence prevention measures like universal …read more

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