Broncos Mailbag: What are the odds Denver can acquire Deshaun Watson and/or J.J. Watt?


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What are the odds the Broncos make moves for Deshaun Watson and/or J.J. Watt?
— Michael Easthope, Lethbridge, Alberta

I think there is a better chance I can cross the United States-Canada border and attend a Calgary Flames game without being subjected to the 14-day quarantine than the Broncos acquiring either player.

Watt: Let’s go with a 2.3% chance. So far, his name hasn’t been connected to the Broncos and that makes sense because Watt, who never advanced beyond the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs with Houston, is looking to win. That’s why you see teams like Green Bay, Cleveland and Tennessee being connected to Watt. Plus, he’s from Wisconsin (Packers) and played for Mike Vrabel (Titans coach) in Houston. If I’m Watt, I make sure to sign before Von Miller potentially hits the market.

Watson: Until the Texans decide to put Watson up for grabs or even return the phone calls of interested teams, it is a 0% chance he ends up with the Broncos. But if he gets shopped, I’ll go with 23.9% because the Broncos should be able to put together a package to attract the Texans and have some young players who could interest Watson, who must approve any trade.

Anything new on the Deshaun Watson front? I want to know if I should put in my order for a custom Broncos No. 4 jersey.
— Pete, Pueblo

Sure, you can order a Broncos’ No. 4 jersey … currently occupied by backup quarterback Brett Rypien. If Watson comes to town, swap out the nameplates or, better yet, buy another No. 4 jersey. Both blue, please — the team’s best jersey.

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As I said in the previous question, it appears things are status quo in Houston. The Texans aren’t budging. Watson hasn’t gone public to express his intentions.

The Broncos should be operating — and probably are — as if Watson won’t be their quarterback. That means finding a free agent who has experience and can challenge Drew Lock.

Ryan, if we don’t land Deshaun Watson, is Drew Lock starting next year? Or do we make a run at the scraps that get left behind, like Sam Darnold or Cam Newton? Also, any chance we get Russell Wilson?
— Phil, Fort Collins

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