Dave Hyde: Flores out, Grier stays — Dolphins owner Steve Ross got it all backwards

What now?

Or, to look at it from another angle, considering the Miami Dolphins got it all backwards:

Now what?

Brian Flores is out as coach. General Manager Chris Grier stays. That’s the reverse of the manner change should have come from any sane and rational view.

Flores was 19-14 the past two rebuilding years. He was given a quarterback who has shown no sign of being special by Grier. Flores was 4-2 against the vaunted New England Patriots.

And he had trouble getting along with people. And hiring a staff — especially an offensive staff. That’s why he started 1-7 this past year, why this season was sunk — why, in short, he was fired Monday morning.

But if Flores had his shortcomings Grier had longcomings, didn’t he? Do we really need to go down his laundry list of personnel decisions from the draft misses and free-agency mis-spendings?

His list of issues with this franchise dates with drafting and free agency from the time he took over his role as general manager in 2015.

His past three years of overseeing a rebuild can be condensed to one decision:

Tua Tagovailoa over Justin Herbert.

That alone is a decision that gets a general manager fired. The prime reason to rebuild in the massive manner the Dolphins did was to get an elite quarterback, The Man to build a franchise around.

Has Tua shown anything to be that guy?

“I have a lot of confidence in Tua,’ Ross said. “I think the next head coach will work with him. I think he’ll grow.”

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So why did he get permission to talk to Deshaun Watson at the trade deadline? Why consider making a player with 22 sexual-assault allegations against him the face of the franchise?

Ross didn’t close that door, either

“It will be up to head coach what he does with quarterback,’ he said when asked about Watson. “It will depend on next head coach and direction he wants to take.”

That coach won’t be Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh. Ross, Michigan’s biggest booster, made a run at Harbaugh a decade ago and said he won’t do so again. Nor does he have an idea of the next coach, he said.

“Collaboration and communication,’ were the issues Flores was fired for, Ross said.

Ross didn’t fire at the position that’s the Dolphins’ best chance out of the wilderness of two decades. He doubled-down on the problem. He kept the guy who has been at the controls of personnel problems for years.

Ross wants to win badly. But does he know what it takes to win? Does he understand what’s holding this team back?

It’s fair to ask this, too: Has Ross made a hiring on his team you can get behind and say it was great?

His best hire was Flores.

And now he’s gone.

And, again, Flores wasn’t perfect. Just ask the coaches he cold-heartedly fired the past few years. Just look at the blunders he made either in hiring or firing his staff. That’s the central problem again this season.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Sports

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