Dave Hyde: Tua’s future, season’s consequence — ball’s in Dolphins owner Steve Ross’ court if he knows what to do

There were “Tua” chants in the end. There was also the coach, Brian Flores, talking afterward of the “resilience” of his team while basking in the radiance of a season sweep of New England.

If only it meant something.

If only it had any consequence.

If only the Dolphins had played like this when it actually mattered the previous week in Tennessee.

What kind of fun-fest would Sunday have been if the Dolphins knocked New England from the playoff perch, 33-24, while qualifying themselves?

That, folks, would have been something to be, “proud of this team, proud of their fight, their resilience,” as Flores said after Sunday’s game.

As it was, this was a hollow day, an empty season, right down to the chants for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who probably played his final game in a Dolphins uniform. That’s up to team owner Steve Ross. He hasn’t talked publicly in nearly two years, so it’s hard to know his thoughts on anything, much less how he feels about this rebuild having a fourth birthday party Monday with no playoff appearance.

The ball’s in your court, Steve.

Do you want to: a) Cut bait with Tua after two seasons; b) cut bait general manager Chris Grier for picking Tua in a three-year sacrifice of seasons; c) cut bait with Flores and move on to the object of your heart’s desire a decade ago in an apparently NFL-bound Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh; or d) all of the calamitous above?

You can make a case for each of them.

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You can make the case for none.

You can wonder if Ross knows what to do, considering he’s had 12 years as owner with one playoff game.

You can also expect him to have Deshaun Watson on Line 1 any day now, too, considering that’s the position we were in at the Nov. 2 trade deadline. Has anything changed to change that idea? Has Ross considered what it would be like to have a face of the franchise who faces 22 sexual assault allegations?

Tua was great on Sunday’s opening drive, completing all seven passes for 54 yards and a touchdown. He then completed 56 yards of passes the rest of the day. His bigger players were with his feet, actual third-down runs he hadn’t shown an affection toward trying until the close of Sunday’s game.

“We wanted to end this season with a bang, that’s what we went out and did,” he said.

Well, if a fun but inconsequential win is a bang, that’s what it was.

“This season has been up and down for me and a lot of the guys,” he said. “We’ll see what the offseason has planned for us.”

Yes, here we are, the offseason. Again. You want to say its the most important offseason in years for the Dolphins, but that’s how it’s been the last three seasons.

Here’s a simple question: Was this a successful year?

“Every year is different,” Flores said by way of answering. “Every experience you learn from them, good or bad. That’s kind of how I …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Sports

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