Eli Manning Is Rumored to Be Losing Giants Locker Room

The end of the Eli Manning era with the New York Giants is near, and everybody can feel it. Unfortunately for the Giants, some players want it to happen sooner than later. Everybody questioned the Giants decision to stick with Eli Manning for 2018.

Even after a disastrous showing by him and the rest of the team last season, the Giants didn’t do a ton to really upgrade their most significant needs. Now, the Giants are stuck in the same position as last season as they are currently 1-5 on the year.

By now, everybody has heard about the behind-the-scenes issues going on. Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is far from satisfied with the Giants offense. He didn’t really have anything good to say about his quarterback, and he doesn’t seem to really have any sort of on-field connection with Manning either at this point in his career.

During week five, the Giants took a devastating overtime loss to the Carolina Panthers on the road. Even though they were defeated, everybody started to get the impression that the Giants were trending upwards.

That thought was immediately shot down as the Giants were dominated on Thursday Night Football by the Philadelphia Eagles. And to make the situation between Manning and his receivers worse, he threw for a total of zero touchdowns, with an interception. Now, there are rumors of a potential locker room debacle between Manning and his teammates.

The Leader Losing the Locker Room?

If it wasn’t obvious enough that Manning was losing the locker room, then maybe a report by ESPN detailing some behind-the-scenes complaints can help clarify how bad things are going in New York. And keep in mind, this is in addition to what Odell Beckham said publicly last week.

“Behind closed doors, several Giants players have expressed frustration with Manning’s performance, according to sources. One player specifically commented recently about Manning’s inability to do anything against Cover 2 and zone defenses.”

“Players watch the tape,” another source said. “They know the deal.”

It’s not hard to tell how frustrated several key players are on the Giants. We see the sideline meltdowns and hear the interviews. So any report coming from anonymous sources regarding the struggles to believe in the veteran quarterback at this point is highly likely to be true.

It’s definitely not a good look for the Giants new faces in the front office who publicly backed Eli Manning over the offseason. Rumor has it that the Giants cleaned house because everybody was starting to lose hope in Manning and ownership did not want to hear it. Well, now the Giants have no choice but to begin scouting quarterback’s now as the problem in the locker continues to grow larger.

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