Ex-Warrior Andre Iguodala headed for Clippers, confirms not a soul

Andre Iguodala.

Got your attention, didn’t it?

Well hold on, because we’ve got absolutely nothing to share with you: Iguodala, the erstwhile Warriors sixth man, is headed for the Los Angeles Clippers, according to no one at all.

The ClipCast podcast broke this nonstory over the weekend. In making the announcement, hosts Chris Wylde and Henry Dittman cited their bona fides.

“This show is an entertaining talk show about the Clippers,” said one of the hosts, who like to talk over each other. “I’m an actor. I’m also a talk show host. We’re hosts. We’re not stats guys. We’re not journalists.”

Which is how they were able to report, based on nothing but their fondest dreams, that Iguodala, a three-time NBA champion and a Finals MVP, will be joining an impressively enhanced Clippers roster — speaking specifically about Kwahi Leonard and Paul George.

How Iguodala would find his way to the Clips when he is currently the property of the Memphis Grizzlies? Unknown.

The podcast hosts, reports Ryan Snellings of clipperholics.com, cite “a source close to Andre Iguodala (who) informed them that he will join the team on September 3. Why such a specific date? They have no clue. … there’s just zero concrete evidence. The hosts do tell us that the news is not coming from anyone in the Clipper organization, noting just how tight lipped the front office has been.”

Ah, the source-close-to sleight of hand. You’ll recall this was how we learned Kevin Durant was going to sign with the Knicks, Clippers, Lakers, Nets and stay with the Warriors.

The one thing this dud of a bombshell has going for it is plausibility.

The Clippers are ramping up for a deep postseason run. Iguodala could be a valuable mentor and contributor.

To wit: this take from former Stanford, Cal and Warriors head coach Mike Montgomery, singing Iguodala’s praises during the 2018 playoffs.

“Iguodala, you don’t know he’s out there until he’s not out there,” Montgomery told KNBR. “And he does so many things. He’s strong. The thing that I like about him so much is he’s so smart and he doesn’t have to shoot the ball. He never takes a bad shot. There’s no wasted motion. He’s simply out there to make everybody else better. He’s like an orchestra conductor making sure every guy is taken care of. He’s special.”

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