Kickin’ It with Kiz: John Elway so big in Colorado history he should have street named after him. Or maybe a mountain?

I think the state of Colorado should rename Mt. Evans as Mt. Elway. Although I was not a fan of John Elway during his last five years as general manager, he deserves this token from the state, rather than John Evans, the former territorial governor forced to resign after the Sand Creek Massacre.

Richard, monumental visionary

Kiz: Elway arrived in Denver shortly before I did in 1983. While I’ve contributed little other than general mischief, Elway helped transform what was a dusty old cowtown into one of America’s coolest cities. So while naming a mountain after a quarterback might be a bit much, the staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters would be unanimously in favor of letting Elway replace Evans on the street signs for one of Denver’s main thoroughfares.

Teddy “Dink and Dunk” Bridgewater is not the answer in the modern NFL. I would be willing to bet this Denver offensive juggernaut will go 0-6 in AFC West division games. The Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers all have dynamic, modern quarterbacks and offenses. The Broncos are looking for a 1965 offense to become fashionable again.

Ron, old-school skeptic

Kiz: Although far be it from me to burst your bubble, among the more pleasant surprises in Bridgewater’s early returns is his inclination to push the football downfield. In fact, he’s averaging a very respectable 8.0 yards per pass attempt, especially when compared to Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, whose 6.1 average is a reason Steelers fans fear Big Ben might be washed up.

Drew Lock will never be a starting quarterback in Denver and needs to go, but offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur’s scheme is pathetic.

  SF Police update cause of death of Phish fan at Chase Center

Kevin, pointing fingers

Kiz: I’m not very good at ‘rithmetic (or readin’ ‘n’ writin’, for that matter), but according to my math, the 20.8 points averaged by Shurmur’s offense won’t hold up very well against the Chiefs, who have scored at least 33 points in three of their four games this season.

Of course Lock is less than pleased with his role on team. Imagine if you were the backup Broncos journalist for The Denver Post and got to do your job only if the first-string guy couldn’t. Oh wait, I’d actually enjoy that more! Hehe.

Josh, telemark skier

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