Kurtenbach: The Warriors need more than Kelly Oubre to be title contenders in 2021

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Kelly Oubre is a nice pickup for the Warriors. Adding a young, intriguing talent is a move that’s particularly refreshing in the wake of Klay Thompson’s season-ending injury.

But Golden State is going to need to add a whole lot more than just Oubre into the fold if they want to be considered title contenders in 2021.

Oubre is a solid player and an interesting long-term prospect for Golden State. At worst, he’s a competent wing — the Warriors need as many of those as they can get.

But to suggest that he can replace Thompson is lunacy. I like Oubre’s game, but he barely covers a portion of Thompson’s absence.

Ultimately, Golden State cannot acquire a player who would singlehandedly even come close, so they’ll have to fill in for Thompson on the aggregate. The addition of Oubre is only a start to that process.

The foremost goal for the Warriors is to make up Thompson’s offensive output. No one is going to shoot like Klay — Stephen Curry might be his only peer — but the Warriors still need to make up the 20 points per game Thompson steadily provides.

Before Thompson’s injury, the Warriors were going to boast three 20-point scorers, with each player slotted into his ideal role. Curry was the alpha, Thompson his Splash Brother, and Andrew Wiggins was a third option who could anchor a second unit’s offense and drop 30 on nights when other teams forgot about him.

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It’s not equivalent to the Warriors’ salad days, but that’s a 1-2-3 that’s good enough to contend, even in the rough-and-tumble Western Conference.

But now Wiggins is the No. 2 option. That doesn’t suit him — that’s the same scenario that earned him a “bust” label in Minnesota.

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And No. 3 is Oubre, who averaged 18 points per game last season.

(Expecting James Wiseman to be an offensive force in year one is a recipe for disappointment. Whatever he gives the Warriors on top of a JaVale McGee-like output in his rookie year is gravy.)

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