Plenty of options at this year’s Salt Lake Marathon as woman from Idaho and man from North Carolina win sold out marathon

Brian and Marley Passey after finishing their second Salt Lake City Marathon’s Bike Tour. Marley is sight impaired so the two ride together each year. This year will be their third event.
Provided by Brian Passey

SALT LAKE CITY — Marley Passey is lukewarm in her affection for sports.

An aspiring engineer, the 17-year-old Taylorsville High student would rather spend her time in a science lab than sweating in a gym.

But when it comes to the Salt Lake City Marathon’s Bike Tour, she’s a dedicated fan — even if she has to ride with her father narrating everything from pot holes to turn angles.

“She wishes she could ride a bike herself,” said her father Brian Passey. “When she was in elementary school, her whole grade got bikes. I had her try, and she rode for like 30 feet all by herself. She hasn’t done it since.”

Marley is sight impaired, which makes riding on her own a bit complicated.

“I don’t think I’d be able to ride a normal bicycle by myself,” she said. “It’s not just the balance thing but also, like, not running into cars. … I don’t want to die.”

Brian Passey said he searched for a tandem bike for a few years — one that wasn’t too expensive but also decent quality. This year marks the father-daughter duo’s third time in Salt Lake City Marathon’s Bike Tour.

“The first year went well,” he said. “It was colder than we were expecting, and we looked like a ragtag team. I had on running clothes, and she was wearing a windbreaker. We didn’t look like we should be there.”

But the more important aspect of that first year was how much his daughter loved it.

“I think she enjoyed just riding through the city,” he said. “She gets to be part of the group in riding around. I actually signed up (for the second year) the day after the race because she wanted to do it.”

Together they’ve navigated the struggles of finding synchronicity, the dangers of bumpy roads, the frustration of unexpected flat tires and some questionable advice that left them with wobbly handlebars coming down Memory Grove.

The 26.2-mile …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News


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