Raiders mailbag: Nick Morrow’s big day and how it relates to the future of Cory Littleton at linebacker

Answering your mailbag questions heading in to Sunday night’s showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Raiders at Allegiant Stadium:

Q: Given the recent performance from Nick Morrow do you see Cory Littleton back in the starting role when he comes back off the COVID list? Or has Morrow earned his right to take that job? — @R8RLUVR

The Raiders spent too much on Littleton to plant him on the bench, and frankly he started to look a little better the previous two weeks. There’s a good chance he won’t be available this week, though. That gives Morrow another week as an every-down linebacker against the best offense in the NFL. Having the best game of your career against Denver wouldn’t carry nearly as much weight as having another one against the Chiefs. Coaches love this kind of “problem.” Having Morrow play well in his place may give Littleton a little extra push. Instead of playing under the weight of expectations created by his contract, he’s fighting for actual playing time. That can only be a good thing. These things usually have a way of working themselves out.

Q: Do you think the Raiders select a young QB in the draft with a big arm like Kyle Trask , or add to the defense — @Jack47041358

If all goes according to plan, the Raiders won’t be in a position to draft the stud big-armed quarterback because they’ll be in the mid-20s when they pick. So it’s back to telling everyone it’s the best available player when in reality it’s the best available player at a position of need.

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Q: What is Jon Gruden’s approach to this game? Conservative and see what happens? Or throw the kitchen sink at them, be aggressive and all out to sweep the Chiefs and give them a shot at the division title? — @breshlo

Not much faith in the head coach I see. As long as the kitchen sink includes a fairly equal proportion of run to pass, he’ll consider it. Would fully expect the Chiefs to play top down and keep receivers in front of them after getting beat deep in the first meeting. One deep shot per quarter is fine — and they only need to hit one and play their regular game to have a chance.

Q: Is Andy Reid really going to adjust his offensive play calling in anticipation of Arden Key spying Patrick Mahomes again? Or is Paul Guenther going to dig into his bag of tricks and pull out a white rabbit wearing an eye patch and give us something else in his anticipation of Andy Reid’s anticipation of another QB Spy scheme?! This has got to be the most anticipated chess match between a Raiders DC and an opposing teams OC in quite some time. Thoughts? — Ruben Ortega (email)

I think you’re overthinking it a little, but that’s OK. The success the Raiders had in the second half came without blitzing because Mahomes can just kill a blitz. Make the Chiefs run multiple-play drives …read more

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