The Deets: Overreactions/Underreactions to the 49ers’ Week 1 loss.

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The Big Thing

Week 1 of the NFL is silly season, rife with overreactions to games that have marginal meaning at best.

What’s real, what’s fake? It’s hard to discern.

So following the 49ers’ Week 1 loss — at home — to the Arizona Cardinals, let me tell you what is of real concern, and what you can ignore moving forward.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not an NFL-caliber quarterback

VERDICT: Overreaction

This one was sent to me by multiple people Sunday. I found it baffling.

Did Garoppolo have a good game? No. Not even close. There should be a legitimate concern that he showed no year-over-year progression against the Cardinals Sunday. That’s an average-at-best defense (and it’s probably not even average).

But if Garoppolo is not “NFL caliber”, then the NFL is simply too easy for bad quarterbacks. You could have fooled me at C.J. Beathard.

Sunday was Garoppolo’s seventh loss in 30 games as a starting quarterback in this league.

Win-loss record isn’t everything as a quarterback, but it’s not nothing, either.

Garoppolo is more than capable of winning games and divisions in this league. We saw this last year. He was no Blake Bortles — Garoppolo won games for the 49ers last year.

The question is if he can win a Super Bowl, though. If the Niners, as I suspect, take half a step back this year, Garoppolo needs to take half a step forward in his second (hopefully) full season at the helm of the Niners’ offense.

  Live updates: 49ers vs. Giants, Sunday at 10 a.m.

Sunday was not a good start. But if you want to sell Garoppolo stock at a cut-rate — as the folks who said he’s not an NFL-caliber quarterback clearly are interested in doing — I will buy it all. And here I thought I was the Garoppolo skeptic.

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George Kittle is just fine

VERDICT: Underreaction

I really hope I’m wrong about this, but Kittle turning into a non-factor in the second half wasn’t entirely a byproduct of Arizona selling out to stop him. That knee — which clearly hyperextended at the end of the first half — isn’t right, and Kittle is so tough he would likely play through what would be a serious injury for anyone else.

This is a guy who has played with a torn labrum for years. Last year, he played with part of his ankle bone shaved off.

Yeah, he’s tough.

I’m no doctor, but I’ve seen enough knee explosions to think the worst here. It wouldn’t shock me in the least bit if it turns out Kittle played through a serious knee injury Sunday.

If …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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