9 things you didn’t know you could do with Microsoft OneNote to improve your productivity

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When it comes to digital note-taking apps, Microsoft OneNote checks all the boxes. It’s reliable and fairly intuitive, and works seamlessly across devices, no matter if you’re a Windows user, a Mac user, or both.

In a nutshell, OneNote works like a physical notebook with cloud-based perks. Beyond being able to organize and capture digital notes, you can add images, video, and audio, and then access them easily on the go.

Whether you’re a dedicated OneNote user or just discovering its value for note-taking, research, and information organization, here are some ways to get more utility out of the program.  

Scan documents directly from your phone

If you need to get a copy of a document into OneNote, there’s no easier way to do it than with Office Lens, a mobile app for iOS and Android. After you install and configure Office Lens, you can use it to take high-quality scans of multi-page documents with your phone and then upload them to any number of destinations, including OneDrive, email, and OneNote. Just choose the Notebook you want to copy it to, and you can use OneNote as a permanent storage for important documents. 

Convert handwritten pages to text

If your computer, tablet, or mobile device works with a stylus, you might already use it to make sketches or jot handwritten notes in OneNote. But you can also convert those handwritten notes to digital text. 

1. Click the “Draw” tab in the ribbon and click “Lasso Select.”

2. Drag the lasso around the text you want to covert.

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3. In the ribbon, click “Ink to Text.”

OneNote will convert your handwriting to text as best it can. There will be errors, no doubt, but the text will be editable and you can incorporate it into other documents.  

Do simple math

You can use OneNote to do simple math problems just by writing out the equation you want to solve. For example, you can write “100 + 400 =” and OneNote will fill in the answer. You can perform any common math problem — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, for example — in the same way. OneNote will even respect the order of operations, such as “(1 + 2) * 6 =.”

Solve complex equations

OneNote isn’t limited to simple grade-school arithmetic — there’s a pretty powerful math engine under its hood. You can use a stylus to write an equation, then ask OneNote to convert it to text so you can use it in another document. But that’s not all: in many cases, OneNote can graph or solve the equation as well. 

1. Using a stylus, draw an equation. 

2. Drag the lasso around the text you want to covert.

3. In the ribbon, click “Math.”

4. To convert the drawn equation to text, click “Ink to Math.” Or click “Select an action” and choose one of the available options, such as solving or graphing the equation. 

Record meetings

You can use OneNote on a laptop to record meetings and take audio notes. Not only that, you may also “bookmark” important moments …read more

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