A pilot and an architect try answering the Google job interview brain teaser

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Following is a transcript of the video.

Anna Battison: Well, I hope that’s accurate. I feel like I should maybe ask somebody.

Samantha Josaphat: Um, wish me luck. 

Battison: So, how many golf balls can you fit in a Boeing 747? I… I have no idea.

Josaphat: How many tennis balls? Oh, golf…wow. Wow. My first step is to dimension the size of a golf ball, which I actually don’t know.

Battison: A golf ball is, I don’t know…

Josaphat: I’ve never played golf before.

Battison: If you play tennis, a little bit smaller than a tennis ball. Josaphat: I’m gonna predict that a golf ball is 4 inches by 4 inches in diameter.

Battison: And a headrest is probably, I don’t know. Here’s my head. So let’s say it’s that big and maybe that thick. And now I’m just trying to break down the seat to figure out how many golf balls are in it. So, in this headrest, there are about 15. I’m gonna say that there are three rows of three headrests that can fit in the back portion of it. And then I’m gonna say there’s two rows of three for the bottom part. Then that gives us three, six, nine on the top, six on the bottom. 15 times 15 golf balls in each headrest. There are 15 headrests in the seat. That gives us 225 golf balls per seat.

Josaphat: I’m now attempting to draw a plane. I’m such an architect. It’s like, I gotta get it right. Oh, gosh! I’m sorry. That looks horrible. Can I just line up my wings?

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Battison: This is very bad. So, you have the cabin, which is like, X1, X2 is, like, where the passenger goes with all the seats. Those are what the seats are. And then X3, which is, like, the undercarriage, which might be down here, and, you know, just where all the luggage goes.

Josaphat: When I first think about the plane and plan, what is a variable that I can replicate numerous times? And that’s the seat.

Battison: In a 747, primarily have two seats here, two seats here, an aisle, an aisle, and three seats in the middle. So that’s seven seats across in each row.

Josaphat: I will assume a Boeing 747 has about 80 rows.

Battison: So if there are 366 seats, so 366 seats in a Boeing 747, that means that 366 divided by seven would be about 52 rows.

Josaphat: Now, if I were to say a typical chair for a person is about 18 inches wide and a Boeing 747 has three aisles of seating with potentially four seats in the middle, three seats on either end, how many seats are in just one row?

Battison: I’m gonna add two seats per row because there’s an aisle here where I can add a seat, hypothetically. So if I’m adding two seats per row, that would give me 104 extra seats that I could fit in for that first layer across the bottom. There’s 470 seats on the bottom layer times …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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