Amazon Music and Spotify are both reliable music streaming services, but Spotify’s personalization features make it a better fit for most people

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A good music streaming service is key to keep up with all the latest songs.

Amazon Music and Spotify are two of the most popular platforms you can subscribe to.
Both offer huge libraries, but Spotify’s playlists and sharing options make it the best fit for most people.

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There’s never been a better time to jump in and commit to a music streaming service than right now. The ability to save nearly any song to your library for on-demand listening, versus having to wait for it to shuffle on, is a game-changer. Spotify and Amazon Music are great services in this regard and both are well worth considering.

Each platform has around 60 million songs available, along with their own set of features and qualities that could make them the perfect choice for certain people. In fact, because both offer a free trial period to get acquainted, it’s worth sampling each to see how they fit into your life and with the devices you and your family use.

Both music platforms will connect to smart speakers, like Echo and Sonos devices, though Spotify is a bit more flexible since it’s able to connect natively through Google Home and video game consoles from Sony. Both services also have apps for iPhones, Android smartphones, computers, and other popular devices so you’ll be able to listen in dozens of ways.

Updated on 2/19/2021 by Ben Blanchet: This article has been revised with updated details and features for each service.

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Amazon Music vs Spotify: which is better?

Spotify may be the world’s most popular streaming music service, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Amazon Music. Both have a lot to offer in the unique features they provide. 

In fact, Amazon Music appears to be trying hard to differentiate itself in the world of streaming by offering a plan with higher fidelity tracks, along with some nice perks for Amazon Prime members. Spotify, meanwhile, sticks to standard music bitrates and more streamlined subscription offerings, which could make it a more convenient solution for most buyers who are just looking for a casual music listening service.

Let’s take a look at how each stacks up against the other in some key areas.

Feature comparison

Amazon Music

Cost range

Song catalog size
Around 60 million songs
Around 70 million songs

High-fidelity music
Paid upgrade

Notable features
X-Ray lyrics
Alexa voice assistant
Best in class playlists
car integrations
podcast support

Platforms supported
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web

Pricing and plans

Both Spotify and Amazon Music can be used for free, but the free tiers are significantly limited and largely amount to Internet radio on mobile. As is common, both services allow for 30-day trials to test their paid versions.

Spotify plans

The paid plans and pricing for Spotify are streamlined compared to Amazon. Plans include: Free, …read more

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