Amazon Web Services has led to an entire booming industry of tech companies that help keep cloud costs under control. Here are 10 players in the space.

Amazon Web Services

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For most businesses, scalability is among the top attractions of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s behemoth cloud computing service. AWS offers computing power and storage across the globe, providing resources that can be purchased in custom-sized, reasonably-priced increments on an on-demand basis. Data backup, hosting, and creating software as a service (SaaS) applications on the cloud are some of the most common ways that companies use AWS.  

However, without centralized management, businesses can quickly find themselves running up big bills or creating “cloud sprawl.” The pandemic, with companies relying on remote operations served up by the cloud, has exacerbated these issues. 

NASA, for example, got a nasty surprise last spring when it discovered unaccounted-for download fees associated with its scientists accessing the massive amount of data it stored on the Amazon cloud. When the agency did the math, it needed an additional $30 million per year as a result of its oversight. 

“The capacity a company purchases with a cloud provider is only the beginning of the total public cloud fees they’ll typically see; other costs include various support costs, minimum instance sizes, performance costs, and transaction costs,” said Jeremy Fitzpatrick, VP of sales and marketing at cloud solutions provider NFINIT. “Of all the extra charges, the most common that can be damaging to a budget can be the transaction costs, especially moving data in and out — known as ingress and egress. These seemingly small moves can add up, sometimes doubling the total price a company is expecting.” 

A host of companies exist to help businesses avoid such pitfalls: Cloud consultancies specialize in helping businesses minimize scope creep in their deployments and right-sizing their cloud usage while also plugging security holes and improving performance. Companies come out on the other side having saved as much as 30% up to even 60% on their AWS instances, these companies reported. 

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While many are venture-backed, this also remains a corner of the tech industry where companies can grow for decades as fully private companies without any VC cash.

Here’s a look at 10 cloud companies designed to keep AWS costs under control, and, for the venture-backed companies, we’ve named the VCs that funded them.  

The companies are listed in no particular order.

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ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG)

Total funding: No venture funding reported, according to PitchBook

Chicago-based SCTG has been around since 2000, when it grew its footprint in internet services up from domain-name sales to its current portfolio of managed data-center services, managed public and private cloud services, cloud-native software development, and business continuity solutions, as well as cloud consulting.

Founded by CEO Jordan Lowe and COO Daniel Brosk, SCTG is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and specializes in companies “new to the AWS Cloud,” or those looking to “optimize their investment and realize the full potential of the platform,” Lowe said.

The cornerstone of SCTG’s AWS business lies within its 2018 acquisition of Turing Group, an early …read more

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