Furious Peloton members are skewering the company’s delivery partner over broken $2,000 bikes and scratched hardwood floors — and the company is starting to take note

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The popular fitness company Peloton has a social-media problem — and it comes down to its delivery provider, XPO Logistics.
Peloton members are complaining about their experiences with XPO, alleging that their homes and exercise equipment were damaged when the logistics giant performed Peloton deliveries. Other members say they had good experiences with XPO.
Current and former employees said the company is aware of the problem. The stakes are high. Peloton is aiming to go public, and in its recent S-1 filing, said “if we do not help our Members quickly resolve issues and provide effective ongoing support, our reputation may suffer.”
The problems are also alienating future and current Peloton members who are in XPO’s delivery zone. One prospective customer wrote on Facebook that he has “existential dread” about his upcoming XPO delivery.
XPO stands by its delivery service, citing data provided to Business Insider, which claims 94% of customers with Peloton deliveries fulfilled by XPO in May and June 2019 said in a post-service survey that they had a positive experience. And 96% received their deliveries on time, according to the data.
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Todd Mitchell loves his Peloton. He didn’t love the gummy grape candy that he said ended up stuck to his $4,295 treadmill during the delivery process.

Nor did Mitchell appreciate that the delivery crew who brought in his Peloton Tread allegedly left gouges in his home’s hardwood floors and stairs and damaged the back of his Peloton Bike, which he had ordered the year before. “It was a really surprising, disappointing ordeal,” Mitchell told Business Insider.

Peloton charges $250 to deliver its bike and treadmill and promises “white-glove” service. The exercise equipment company, which provides streaming fitness classes for customers called “members,” filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public on August 27.

The banged-up hardwood stairs that the $250 delivery service brought struck Mitchell as a safety hazard for him, his wife, and his four-year-old daughter. “Every time I walked by it I thought, ‘Jesus, this is going to kill someone,'” Mitchell said. “Even if it didn’t, I’ve had hardwood splinters in my foot before, I don’t recommend it.”

After that delivery experience, Mitchell went to the Peloton Reddit page, where some 17,700 Peloton members gather to meet new workout partners, discuss progress, and swap ideas on post-workout drink recipes. He also looked at the many Peloton Facebook groups, including the official member group that has nearly 190,000 members. (There are around 500,000 active Peloton subscribers.)

That’s when Mitchell and his wife learned that Peloton members nationwide weren’t just comparing notes on Peloton workouts — they were trashing the company’s delivery partner, XPO. It turned out, Mitchell’s damaged home, repairs for which XPO ultimately paid, was not unusual.

Peloton’s in-house delivery service ships its pricey bikes and treadmills near major cities. The company says 58% of its shipments are performed by its in-house team. Outside of urban hubs, a company called XPO Logistics handles the deliveries. XPO also …read more

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