How to add music to your Instagram Story, even if you don’t have the music sticker

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Most Instagram users take advantage of the Stories feature, which allows you to post short disappearing photos and videos with gifs, emojis, and even music added in. 

Adding music to your Instagram Story is a simple process once you know where to look. You can even add music directly from other apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

Here’s how to do it all, or troubleshoot if you don’t have the option to add music. 

How to add music to your Instagram Story 

To add music to an Instagram Story, tap the square smiley face icon in the top-right, and select the Music sticker in the pop-up menu. Choose a song by searching in the list and customize it using the buttons that appear at the bottom of your Story. 

Here’s a full step-by-step breakdown.

1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device. 

2. Swipe left from your feed’s home screen to open the Stories feature. Alternatively, tap the plus “+” sign on your profile picture in the top-left corner to create a new Story. 

3. Take or select the photo or video you want to post to your Instagram Story. 

4. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, tap the square smiley face icon, which looks like a Post-It being peeled away. 

5. In the pop-up, tap the “Music” option. Then, in the search box that appears, type in a song or scroll through the listed options. 

6. Tap on the song you want to include when it appears on the list. 

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7. Drag the small bar at the bottom of the screen to the segment of the song you want on your Story.

8. Hit “Done” when finished. You can then drag the song icon to a different location, or pinch the icon outward or inward with your fingers to make it larger or smaller. Then post your Story as you normally would.

Quick tip: You can select how you want the music to visually appear on your Story — as lyrics in different fonts, the cover art of the album, or a small text box announcing the name of the song. 

In addition, if you’re listening to music on another app, you can add it to your Instagram story directly from Spotify, SoundCloud, or Shazam. Here’s how to do it on each app: 

Add music to Instagram Story from Spotify

1. Open the Spotify app on your iOS or Android device, and find the music you want to add to your Instagram Story. 

2. Tap the ellipsis icon on a song, album, or playlist. 

3. In the pop-up menu, scroll down and tap “Share.”

4. In the “Share” menu, select “Instagram Stories.” A pop-up may ask your permission to open the Instagram app. 

5. Spotify will open the Instagram app and automatically upload the cover art of the song, album, or playlist to a new Instagram Story. However, if you want the music to play over the cover art image, you’ll need to add music using the square smiley face icon, described in the steps above. 

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