I gifted my dad a Cameo video from a former NFL player — here are 3 things I enjoyed about the experience

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Cameo is a service that lets you hire celebrities to make personalized videos. The unique videos are great for birthday gifts, anniversaries, graduations, or any special occasion.

I first used the Cameo app to get a birthday present for a friend last year, and we still go back to watch the message we got from YouTube creator Juno Birch. With that experience in mind, I decided to try the service out again for a new gift idea. 

I don’t live as close to my family as I used to, so I can’t visit for every special occasion in person. My dad is soon retiring, and I thought a Cameo could be a fun way to connect with him virtually and celebrate the milestone. Cameo provided Insider with a credit so I could review the service and gift my dad a video.

Here’s a full breakdown of what it was like to use Cameo, along with all the key takeaways from my gift-giving experience.

I chose an NFL player as a Cameo gift for my dad

I browsed the marketplace for an hour looking for an athlete who could make my dad’s day. To help decide which person to select, I watched the Cameo videos that are publicly available. This established expectations and gave me a sense of the final product.

As I searched, I thought about the Pittsburgh Steelers as an option. The Steelers have been my father’s favorite NFL team since he was a child, and I have fond memories of us watching games together on Sunday afternoons. Football has always been a big part of our lives since my dad played in college with his father as the coach, and I played in high school with him as one of the coaches.

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Following much deliberation, I decided to book a $65 Cameo from former Steelers running back Merril Hoge. After sending my request on a Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the video on the following Monday morning.

When booking the Cameo, I requested Hoge congratulate my dad for his years working as a school administrator and coach. He followed through by commending my dad for making a positive impact on young people’s lives and spoke about his own experience in college with student teaching. When I shared the video with my dad over text, he genuinely loved the personal nature of the clip and seemed to really enjoy the unique gift.

The video I received lasted one minute and 44 seconds, but the duration you get will vary depending on your celebrity and personalized requests. Cameo states that videos are “approximately :30 in duration” in its terms of service.

What I like about the Cameo experience

The turnaround time was quick for my request

I placed my order on Friday and received the video back on Monday morning. While not every request will be fulfilled …read more

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