I recently moved to Austin, Texas, after living in San Francisco for over 10 years. Since leaving I’m so much less stressed, even after losing power for 2 days in the winter storm.

Adam Singer

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I’m a tech industry marketer, and I’ve worked in the technology industry in one form or another for the past two decades. I’ve worked with everyone from small startups to big Fortune 500 companies like Google and McKesson.

I moved to San Francisco in 2009 because I thought it would be an exciting place to live and saw a lot of career potential for myself. 

My wife and I lived in a small, 800-square-foot apartment next to Alamo Square for seven years.

Over time, we started to crave more space and flexibility, and have always wanted to buy a home. We couldn’t see ourselves buying a home in the Bay Area at a reasonable price. 

When my wife and I were assaulted outside our home, we began to wonder why we were paying the highest rent in the country if we didn’t feel safe. 

San Francisco’s high cost of living, growing inequity, high-strung hustle culture, and struggling infrastructure is what led us to purchase land and build a home in Austin, Texas, in 2019.

I feel like the Bay Area is at odds with itself.

Does it want to grow into a metropolis like New York City or Singapore? Or does it want to stay a sleepy bedroom community? A lot of the older cohorts in San Francisco have been against new development and progress in terms of building more housing. 

To own a home in San Francisco, you have to either get very rich at a startup, like an early employee at Uber or whatnot, or you have to inherit the house. 

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Sure, Austin is still expensive, but the city’s housing costs compared to the Bay Area is what made it extra appealing to me. 

After our 2,400-square-foot Austin home was finished, we moved in — right before the pandemic. 

My wife and I are almost 40, so we waited a long time to buy our first house.

We found a plot of land in Austin in a newer community 20 minutes away from downtown. And even though Austin is a liberal bastion within the wider conservative Texas, we feel much safer here. 

Our bills are about the same in Texas as California.

We’re paying slightly more in utilities since moving from an apartment to a house, but it’s not much greater in the grand scheme of things given it’s just my wife and I with no kids, and we have a new build with efficient appliances and insulation. 

The mortgage payment on our home is 10% less than the cost of our Bay Area apartment, which was well over $3,000 a month. That goes to show just how expensive living in the city was.

I’ve gone to Austin on many personal and work trips and enjoyed my time there.

The food is great, and since I write jazz and electronic music, I’ve found the music scene here to be very robust.

I’ve found that Austin is a much more social city than San Francisco, too. I like the fact that the first question people ask you in Austin is, “What are you into? What …read more

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