JavaScript, Python, and Java salaries revealed: Here’s how much companies like IBM, Costco, and Nike pay developers specializing in the top three programming languages

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As every company becomes a technology company — with needs like modernizing its app or adopting cloud computing —  there’s high demand for developers specializing in the top three programming languages: JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Developers use JavaScript largely for web development, Python for data analytics and artificial intelligence, and Java for web applications and database-driven software. Beyond traditional tech firms like IBM or ServiceNow, banks like JPMorgan Chase, telecommunications companies like Comcast, and retailers like Nike, Costco and CVS Pharmacy are all looking for developers specializing in those specific languages, too. 

Python, especially, has seen a surge, as it’s one of the fastest growing programming languages according to GitHub and one of the most loved, according to the developer Q&A site Stack Overflow. For the first time ever, Python even surpassed Java in popularity last year.

To get a sense of what companies may pay for roles using these programming skills, Business Insider dug through firms’ disclosure data with the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Companies are required to disclose salary (or in some cases, salary ranges) when they hire foreign workers under the H1-B visa program, giving insight into what major companies are willing to shell out for tech talent.

Business Insider looked for positions with “JavaScript,” “Python,” or “Java” in the title. Although this isn’t a comprehensive look, since it only includes data for foreign workers, it gives a rare peek at the salaries that companies pay US-based engineers and developers specializing in JavaScript, Python, and Java:

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JavaScript knowledge is a must for web developers.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, according to GitHub, but there weren’t many job titles with “JavaScript” specifically in in the name. Still, most web developer positions will use JavaScript. 

Here are some recent hires with “JavaScript” in the title, based on 14 approved visa applications, as well as how much they’re paid:

JavaScript Developer at Bitovi in Illinois: $104,000

JavaScript Software Engineer at BigCommerce in Texas: $97,500-$105,000

Senior JavaScript Developer at CBS Interactive in California: $145,000

Java and JavaScript Developer at Codeworks in Wisconsin: $90,240

Javascript Full Stack Engineer at Even Financial in New York: $120,000 

JavaScript Developer at GRT Corporation in New Jersey: $95,000

JavaScript Software Developer at Interactive Network Technologies in Texas: $91,104-$95,000

JavaScript Engineer at Nexmo in California: $119,122-$130,000

JavaScript Web Developer at SP Tech Resources in Virginia: $96,595

JavaScript Developer at Starfish Technologies in Texas: $97,985

JavaScript/UI Engineer at TIBCO Software in Texas: $108,666 

JavaScript Software Engineer at World Wide Technology in Missouri: $84,000-$100,000

Java developers at Charles Schwab can make $140,000.

Charles Schwab offers brokerage, banking, and financial services. Here are some recent Charles Schwab hires based on 2 approved visa applications and how much they’re paid:

Staff Java Developer in Texas: $105,000

Senior Staff Java Developer in Colorado: $123,219-$140,000

Java developers at Charter Communications can make $178,600.

Charter Communications is a telecommunications and mass media company. Here are some recent Charter Communications hires …read more

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