Luxury fashion is surging on TikTok, but turning Gen-Z viewers into customers is a complicated task for brands

Brittany Xavier

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Fashion and lifestyle creator Brittany Xavier was one of the earliest adopters of TikTok among Instagram-native influencers when she joined last November.

“I originally got on TikTok … because of my daughter’s screen time,” Xavier told Business Insider. “And she actually got in trouble for this, but she had such high screen time on TikTok and no other social-media apps that I was actually confused.”

“I realized that there was no fashion on there, from what she was showing me,” Xavier continued. “And afterward, my husband and I were like, okay, we need to brainstorm this.”

Xavier saw the potential audience growth and the opportunity to reach Gen Z. She now has 3 million followers on TikTok compared to 1.6 million on Instagram.

And Xavier isn’t alone in the luxury and fashion space in turning to TikTok to reach new audiences.

In September, TikTok took its first major stride toward becoming a new destination for fashion brands by hosting fashion month events and campaigns on the app, including with Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. And brands like Gucci and JW Anderson have seen organic success on TikTok with trends like the “Gucci model challenge.”

In fact, while luxury fashion content on social media has dwindled overall during the pandemic, it has surged on TikTok. In the third quarter of 2020, luxury fashion saw a 200% year-over-year increase in engagement and a 190% increase in active influencers on TikTok, according to data from the influencer-marketing platform Traackr.

But there are challenges for brands in both appealing to the Gen-Z audience that dominates TikTok and in leveraging that into increased sales.

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To understand how to succeed on the app, Xavier tapped a new creative partner: her 13-year-old daughter, Jadyn. 

“I literally scroll through to make sure I am in tune with what’s going on with Jadyn’s age group,” Xavier added.

Xavier’s TikTok account took off in part because she paid close attention to the trends, according to CeCe Vu, TikTok’s lead for fashion and beauty partnerships.

“She listened to the advice and best practices we shared and started experimenting with different types of fashion transitions, handbag ASMR, and other trend-centric content,” Vu said of Xavier.

Brands have to be attuned to those trends, too, if they want to succeed on TikTok, said Evy Lyons, Traackr’s vice president of marketing.

“Luxury fashion performs best through organic videos, where the creators are leading and making the trends,” she said.

Vu said she encourages brands to rely on the creativity of the creators who know their audiences and how the app’s trends work.

Some luxury brands, like Hugo Boss, have taken that advice.

“We are currently jumping on trends, and working closely with creators in order to develop a loyal community base for our brand,” said Lüder Fromm, the director of global marketing and brand communications for Hugo Boss, who has worked with Xavier on TikTok content.

But even if brands partner with savvy creators like Xavier, and understand trends, they must confront the reality that a platform dominated by a younger audience might …read more

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