Photos show what San Francisco looked like the day before residents were ordered to ‘shelter in place’ for 3 weeks to contain the coronavirus

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As of 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, the San Francisco Bay Area is under a 3-week “shelter-in-place” order in an effort to contain the coronavirus.
The region’s estimated 6.7 million people are directed to stay indoors as much as possible and can only leave for essential needs, like to go grocery shopping.
Bars, entertainment venues, and nightclubs are closed, and restaurants can only offer takeout food.
Some San Francisco businesses were already closed the day before the order went into effect, with notices posted on the front windows of bars, restaurants, and even the city’s iconic City Lights Bookstore.
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The coronavirus disease has become top-of-mind for millions around the world.

It has spread to 145 countries, infected at least 190,000 people, and killed 7,500 people. The World Health Organization declared the virus a pandemic on March 11, and it could take at least a year to find a vaccine that works.

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, the reality of the virus’s impact just became starker.

As of 12:01 am Tuesday, San Francisco is one of many Bay Area cities placed under a shelter in place order to prevent human contact as a means to stifle the spread of the coronavirus.

To be clear, the order is not a full lockdown, such as what both Italy and France, among other countries, have enacted within their borders. People in 6 Bay Area counties are being directed to stay inside and avoid contact with others as much as possible for 3 weeks. Law enforcement is being asked to “ensure compliance” with the order.

But the repercussions mean that restaurants and bars are shuttering for the duration of the order, and the city streets will eventually mostly clear out, save for the city’s first responders and others that perform essential services.

Business Insider stepped out into the city Monday evening, just hours before the order went into effect. We saw businesses already closed, with notices hung on their doors and windows, lines formed just to enter grocery stores, and people lugging last-minute supplies and items from their offices back to their homes to gear up for the 3-week shut-in.

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It was sunny in San Francisco on the day that city leaders in the Bay Area announced that 6.7 million residents would be placed under a ‘shelter in place’ order.

The order directs residents to stay inside their homes for 3 weeks to help stifle the spread of the coronavirus disease, which has infected at least 40 in San Francisco.

Source: San Francisco Examiner

People will still be allowed to go out for a walk, a run, a hike, or to let their pet go to the bathroom, as long as they keep 6 feet between themselves and others.

And people will still be allowed to go grocery shopping, though that didn’t stop residents from rushing to a nearby Trader Joe’s, Safeway, …read more

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