Some iPhone 12 customers reported lags and errors when trying to pre-order via Apple, T-Mobile, and Verizon

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The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro became available for pre-order at 5 a.m. PST Friday, but some customers, raring to get their hands on Apple’s latest release, reported troubles getting their orders in. Customers have reported lags and errors on Apple’s, T-Mobile’s, and Verizon’s websites.

It wasn’t clear if the reported issues were simply the result of high demand as many people tried to place orders for the phones during the same time window or unrelated technical issues on the websites.

“That was stressful. Website was slow and crashing,” wrote one Twitter user. Another user said that it took over 30 minutes to preorder, and another said that he had to keep refreshing on four separate devices before the order went through.

Has anyone actually managed to preorder the iPhone 12 from Apple themselves? I constantly get an error 😭

— Hayley (@HG1878) October 16, 2020

The best online shopping cart error we’ve ever done.

— Steve Kovach (@stevekovach) October 16, 2020


For the most part, users reported issues with Apple’s website, but customer reports of issues on T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s websites have surfaced as well.

What it looks like when you try to preorder the iPhone 12 on @Verizon ‘s website this morning. 😡

— TC (@iowa_bb61) October 16, 2020


@tmobile your website and app keep saying “oops we’ve hit a snag” as I’m trying to checkout with my iPhone 12 preorder 😫 I’ve been “trying again” for the past 18 minutes.

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— a l e x a 🌻 (@anchorsanchors) October 16, 2020

To be sure, not all customers are having problems. Multiple users reported that they were able to place their pre-orders on, Verizon’s, and T-Mobile’s websites without an issue.

Morning! Iphone 12 preorder done. ✅Seamless through ATT. Arrives on the 24th. Time for leg day.

— Christian Bishop (@bishopchristian) October 16, 2020

Apple declined to comment on the reports of difficulties pre-ordering. Verizon did not immediately respond to request for comment, but a representative from T-Mobile said their customer service was handling the complaints, and did not see “many” or “lasting” customer issues.

Customers can buy the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro through Apple, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Best Buy, and Target.  The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone Pro Max won’t be available for preorder until November 6.

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