The best AirPods and AirPods Pro deals you can get right now — including $30 off the AirPods Pro

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If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, especially with an iPhone, Apple’s AirPods are among your best options for wireless earbuds. They automatically pair with your Apple devices the moment you open the case nearby, and you can use your Apple devices to help you pinpoint a misplaced AirPod.

Though the holidays (specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday) are the best time to get a new pair of AirPods, you can often find a pair for considerably lower than MSRP year-round. We’ve listed the best prices you should buy at below, along with the best deals available now, in January 2021. You can also check out the best headphone deals and the best daily deals happening now for discounts on more than just AirPods.

Table of Contents: Masthead StickyAirPods with Charging Case

The original and standard AirPods with Charging Case are the base and cheapest AirPods you can buy. You get the regular AirPods wireless earbuds and a charging case that charges via a Lightning cable, the same cable you use to charge your iPhone.

The AirPods have a five-hour battery life, and the case stores 24 hours of battery charge. A quick 15-minute charge in the case gives them an extra three hours of listening time. These are not sweat or water resistant — you’ll have to check out the AirPods Pro below if that’s important to you. You can read the full AirPods review here. 

Contrary to what MSRP would like you to think, AirPods typically only sell for $129 across online retailers — a good $30 less than listed. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday we saw them fall as low as $99, but that kind of promotion is rare. Below are the best deals available right now. 

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AirPods with Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Micro Center)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

The AirPods with Wireless Charging Case are identical to the 2nd-gen AirPods with Charging Case, except the charging case can be charged wirelessly as well as via a Lightning cable. That means you can charge the wireless charging case on a wireless charging pad that uses the Qi wireless charging standard. Thankfully, that means you can charge the AirPods’ wireless charging case on pretty much any wireless charging pad, including the pad you already use for your iPhone, if you already use one. You can read the full AirPods with Wireless Charging Case review here. 

Though they’re listed for more, the street price for the Wireless Charging Case AirPods is considerably lower than suggested, as is the trend with Apple gear. Street price is more commonly $160 across online retailers. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we saw them fall as low as $140; it’s unlikely they’ll drop that low again outside of short-lived discounts from one or two retailers. Below, we’ve listed the best deals available now.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium)AirPods with …read more

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