The CEO of $9 billion Tanium says the cybersecurity startup is on track to book $600 million in revenue this year (IBM, GOOG, CRM)

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The CEO of $9 billion cybersecurity startup Tanium said during a break in his online conference Monday that the behemoth startup is on track to hit a major revenue milestone.

Orion Hindawi, co-founder and CEO, Tanium, told Business Insider in an interview that “we’ll make $600 million this year,” referring to the company’s fiscal year, which ends in January. 

Tanium, one of the most valuable private companies in the space, makes “endpoint” cybersecurity tools that give companies detailed data across their networks, providing key information from employees’ computers and other connected devices. 

Hindawi’s comments give rare insight into the financial situation at closely-watched Tanium, but the CEO repeated his previous skepticism of going public any time soon.

Tanium has already raised venture capital funding twice this year, including a reported $100 million investment from Salesforce Ventures and an additional $150 million round in October. This gives the company the cushion it needs to serve its customers, as well as make tender offers to its employees, Hindawi said, without the pressures associated with holding an IPO in the current state of pandemic-driven uncertainty. 

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“If I look at the obligation we have through our customers, one of the things we really need to make sure of is even in a really bad black swan scenario, market turn or nasty environment, Tanium can be there for customers,” Hindawi said. 

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A partnership between IBM and Tanium

Tanium’s partnerships with titans like IBM, Salesforce, and Google are a major topic of conversation this week at the company’s virtual Converge conference, which Hindawi said drew 5,000 online attendees Monday. 

At the conference, to be more specific, IBM and Tanium announced a partnership that will see Big Blue integrate the startup’s security tools with its own products, including its cloud services for larger customers. 

“Those partnerships have a lot of legs,” Hindaw said, adding that 100 employees at his 1,700-employee company now work exclusively on those partnerships – and that the number will likely climb to 300 within the next several months. 

Enterprises today often maintain multiple cloud computing systems, but that can make life difficult for companies in regulated industries that must be able to demonstrate compliance with privacy and security regulations. Tanium and IBM agree that this is a major hurdle to the widespread adoption of cloud computing among large enterprises.  

“For financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and government organizations in particular, regulatory requirements and security concerns continue to be an obstacle for cloud adoption,” said Howard Boville, senior vice president of IBM Hybrid Cloud. 

“Highly regulated organizations often face the need to choose between spending significant time, effort and money to obtain audit evidence for the workloads they migrate, or not modernizing at all.”  

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic

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