This California company makes smart, off-the-grid, and ‘healthy’ prefab homes for to $670,000 — see inside and how they work

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California-based Dvele is creating smart prefab homes with integrated artificial intelligence programs to make the homes healthier to live in.

While prefabricated homes aren’t a new concept, they’ve often been considered the future solution for our increasingly inaccessible housing market. As a result, several prefab home makers have seen an increase in public interest, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

This includes Dvele, a technology-forward prefab home maker with a focus on improving both human and planet health.

Dvele’s lineup of home models combine several major topics that have since popped up during COVID-19, specifically home buying, prefab homes, and health. Keep scrolling to see how:

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Prefabrication allows Dvele to produce its homes regardless of the weather conditions, all within four to six months.

Once the homes are ready, they can be shipped to its final destination and set in place using a crane.

According to Matt Howland, Dvele’s president, smart prefab homes are “absolutely” the future.

“Can you imagine an iPhone being built in normal construction conditions?” Howland told Insider in an email interview. “To achieve a self-powered, intelligent home, factory production is the way to go.”

Like many prefab home builders, Dvele saw a boost in business during COVID-19.

However, Howland attributes this more to the nature of Dvele’s “healthy” homes (more on this in a bit) than the prefab aspect.

Dvele emphasizes a mid-century modern design with an open floor plan throughout its homes.

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Peeking around inside, the units all look similar to that of any traditionally built home.

Aspects like the large windows, sliding doors, entertainment areas, custom cabinets, and modern utilities make its prefab nature almost unidentifiable.

The homes all have robust air quality, water filtration, and energy saving systems.

The homes can also be customized, and customers can pick from one of Dvele’s six different exterior finishes.

Most of Dvele’s clients slightly customize their homes to fulfill their “dream home and lifestyle,” according to Howland.

Dvele has 13 models of varying sizes, but it’s Elsinore model is its most popular.

Elsinore has been a hit with the customers due to its design, open floor plan, and “popular bedroom and bathroom mix,” Howland told Insider.

The $640,000 Elsinore home is 2,940 square-feet with four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

The popular home has an open kitchen, dining, and living room layout. There are also separate laundry and powder rooms.

The kitchen looks like any normal cooking area with its cabinets, pantry, stovetop, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator.

Moving on, the living room has its own cabinets, an optional electric fireplace, and sliding doors that lead occupants out to the patio.

The primary bedroom then has its own bathroom and a walk-in closet with wardrobes …

… while the other two bedrooms share a bathroom.

The fourth bedroom — which can function as a guest room — has its own restroom.

The full bathrooms all have the typical necessities, including wall-mounted toilets, showers, and vanities.

Other models in Dvele’s arsenal …read more

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