Twilio salaries revealed: Here’s how much engineers, product managers, and more make at the $48 billion cloud communications company that’s skyrocketed amid the pandemic (TWLO)

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Twilio, the cloud communications company, has emerged as a major winner in the pandemic economy, with its stock price more than tripling since January, giving it a market cap of some $48 billion.

Founded in 2008 in the midst of the Great Recession, Twilio builds technology for developers to help them build apps that can send text messages or make phone calls. That’s helped customers like grocery delivery service Instacart and medical record software giant Epic keep pace with the increased demands of the present moment.

Against that backdrop, Twilio is still growing: Not only does it plan to acquire the customer data analytics company Segment for $3.2 billion, it’s also still hiring. 

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While Twilio doesn’t give a lot of data into what it pays its workers, Business Insider dug through the firm’s disclosure data with the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification to get a hint. 

Companies are required to disclose information, including salary (or in some cases, salary ranges), when they hire foreign workers under the H1-B visa program, giving insight into what these major companies are willing to shell out for tech talent. Notably, these figures aren’t necessarily comprehensive — they only account for base pay, and don’t include cash bonuses, stock options, or any other form of compensation. 

Here’s a peek at the salaries that Twilio pays US-based engineers, product managers, marketing managers, and more, based on the 58 approved visa applications that the company filed with authorities:

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Security engineers and analysts make sure Twilio’s products are protected from vulnerabilities and attacks, and can be paid as much as $208,400.

Security analysts assess the risk of various cyberthreats and vulnerabilities to Twilio’s products. Security engineers and managers, meanwhile, work with engineering teams to make sure they are building secure products.

Here are some recent Twilio hires based on 3 approved visa applications, and how much they’re paid:

Senior information security compliance analyst in California: $168,000

Product security engineer in Colorado: $129,000

Product security manager in California: $208,400

Product, program, and engineering managers help lead teams and execute strategy, with a salary range that can go as high as $240,000.

Product managers help lead strategy and development at Twilio. Technical program managers lead technical operations to make sure engineering teams are running efficiently. Engineering managers lead and mentor teams of software engineers as they build Twilio’s products. 

Here are some recent Twilio hires based on 6 approved visa applications and how much they’re paid:

Product manager in California: $92,560-$155,000

Senior product manager in California: $185,000

Senior technical program manager in California: $182,000

Senior engineering manager in California: $229,030-$240,000

Software engineers at Twilio can make over $200,000 in more senior roles.

Software engineers help Twilio build …read more

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