What Google Cloud looks for in data center workers as it aggressively hires and builds new locations (GOOG, GOOGL)

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On an average work day at one of Google’s data center sites in Virginia, operations manager Nicole Henley conducts tasks like adding hard drives or swapping out memory on the machines, fixing bugs, or troubleshooting issues like downtime.

Google operates data centers in 24 regions around the world, which power both its own products like search as well as services for its cloud customers.

Henley manages a hardware operations team at one of Google’s sites in “Data Center Alley” — a region in Northern Virginia where giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more all run facilities — where she makes sure the firms data centers are secure, maintained, and upgraded on schedule.

“We’re doing everything from making sure the machine is running to making sure the network is available,” Henley told Insider. “Because data centers are scalable and adaptable, our job is to make sure to meet the demands of customers.”

And demand is high. 

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a spike in cloud traffic: Between health care workers accessing data for medical needs, teachers running virtual classrooms, and corporate employees video chatting while working remotely, the need for capacity has surged. Meanwhile, many businesses are permanently digitizing their operations, too. 

Google Cloud has said that it’s not yet profitable in part because it’s investing heavily in building out more data centers worldwide to take advantage of that sea-change. 

That increased demand coupled with an industry trend known as a “silver tsunami” effect where a large part of the data center workforce is aging towards retirement, means that Google is hiring aggressively.  

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Google plans to invest over $7 billion in its offices and data centers across the US this year, creating at least 10,000 new full-time jobs at the company. Its also expanding its data centers in Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Texas, and it expects its existing data center sites in Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and Nevada to be fully up-and-running this year.

Here’s what skills Google is looking for in its data center employees:

Google looks for a wide variety of skills for its data center employees

When hiring for its data center sites, Google will look for people with prior data center experience or knowledge of specific areas like electrical facilities infrastructure. However, given the relative scarcity of people with past data center work, Google also hires people with varied backgrounds but applicable skillsets. 

For example, the firm told Insider that it has had. success hiring people who have worked in strategic negotiation, construction management, scientific research, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental health and safety, program management, security, aeronautics, energy, or the automotive industry. 

“Those folks tend to be really successful here because they bring their rich history of thinking about problem solving or innovations in a way that just brings better solutions to us,” Google’s global director of data centers, Heather Dooley, told Insider. 

Dooley says the most successful employees have strong critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative working skills. 

“This is a really robust ecosystem of talent: It’s not just …read more

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